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WARP-WG Release Note

WARP v0.1 Release

WARP v0.1 is released.

WARP Level Concept Changed

In v0.1, the definition of WARP Level was revised as follows: * We abolished the WARP Level of v0.0 and changed it to three simple WARP Levels: BASE, INFO and TEST. * Numeric expression of WARP Level of v0.0 (e.g. Level-2 or Lv-2 etc.) has been abolished. * We changed the concept of WARP Level from “Request Level” to “Definition Level.” (* “Request Level” is the level that required implementation of each module as MUST, RECOMMENDED or OPTIONAL.) (* “Definition Level” is the level that defines whether or not the definition of each module should be complied with.) * With these changes, the WARP Level and the WARP module's coupling density problem have been solved. For details: WARP Level v0.1

WARP Config Specifications Added

* WARP Config is a structured data object that can configure server configuration and Web API reference auto creation. * WARP Config mine-types are YAML or JSON. For details: WARP Config v0.1
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